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Dance & Wellness Retreat

This 1 day dance and wellness retreat is designed for any dancer looking to increase their confidence, connection and expression in their dance. The day has been created in collaboration with West Coast Swing Wellness and Partners.


Whilst we are centred towards West Coast Swing dancers, the day is designed to help any dancer embody their true self into their dance.
Is the day for me?

Do you dance, are you human and do you have a passion for growth and learning? Then this day is for you!

Our goal is not just to give you technique to improve your dance, but to help reset the stories you hold about yourself and your dance.


Connection starts from within and until we are fully connected to ourselves we can not connect to our partners, the music or the dance.

The day will include:
2 hours of movement and dance workshops on levelling up your dance to bring play to your movement and your partnership.

3 hours of wellness/ empowerment workshops on:

  • Creating confidence - breaking through limiting beliefs

  • Connecting to self to befriend the inner critic

  • Optional empowerment glass walk

  • A meditative sound bath to help heal and release any stored emotions

Reki, reflexology and Massage:
There is the option to book a taster Reki or massage session with the wonderful Katie, this is at a small additional fee, please see the main page of the event for more details.

Multiple tools, techniques and ideas to practice moving forwards to create unshakable self belief and a workbook to help keep all the thoughts in one place.

Fun, Freestyle, connection and community:
We will share food together in the evening (please bring your own lunches) and have fun games and and evening dance freestlye party too


The retreat will run 11:00 until around 18:30 when we will break to share food in the grounds.

We will then have an evening to relax, reflect, dance, play and connect 19.30 till 23:00pm.

If you only want to attend the freestyle please send see the link or alternatively pay on the door.


We welcome all levels of dancers from all styles of dance. We ask that you come with an open mind and a heart so that you can take that which is useful to you from the day, discard what is not and be open to allow yourself to add that which is uniquely your own.


We actively encourage you to take your learnings back to your wider dance community tas we all grow faster when we grow together. 

What do I need to bring?

  • An open heart and mind and a good dose of curiosity

  • Notebook and pen 

  • Water - there will be tea and coffee and drinking water to refill

  • Yoga mat if you have one - for the sound bath, we have a few spare if you don't

  • A blanket and pillow and jumper (for the sound bath)

  • Comfortable clothing for the retreat, whatever you like for the freestyle

  • Food to share in the evening, this could be a snack, a soft drink, fruit, cake or a medium portion of something you'd like to eat and share, it doesn't need to be huge.

  • Any game you'd like to share in the evening (we have hula hoops and poi already), and any musical instruments you'd like to bring along and play

Image by Shlomi Platzman

Freestyle only tickets:

Not ready for the retreat yet?

Already booked up in the day but still want to rock it with your fav Westies?


Come join in the freestyle fun in the beautiful venue 19:30-23:00 on the 15th July.

Simply pay on the door- £12

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