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Image by Fuu J

Reset & Reconnect Retreat

On-line Retreat

Our transformational retreat is no on-line!

In this you will:

- Connect to your deeper self and purpose.

- Learn how to feel confident every day

- Create a positive mindset and habits

- Discover deep and lasting personal growth.

This retreat also includes a FREE 60 min Transformational coaching session and 60 min all ability recorded Yoga classes by the wonderful Nadia from East Oxford Yoga, designed to help you connect mind and body for a fully transformative experience.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

5-Day Gratitude Challenge

Activate neuroplasticity and re-wire your brain with this powerful practice.

Gratitude is the most powerful positive psychology tool currently identified.

Bringing gratitude into your daily practice will not only boost your mood, reveal opportunities and improve your relationsships, it will also re-wire your neural pathways to help you become happier and more solutions focused.

But don't just take our word for it. Try our Free, 5-day challenge, and see the results for yourself!

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