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Here are the events we are currently running or collaborating on. Please click the event for further details

Dance &Wellness retreat


Level up your dance, confidence and connection

Back for the second year running, we are collaborating with West Coast Swing Wellness and partners to bring an inclusive and immersive 1 day dancers wellness retreat. Open to all levels and styles of dancer, the day will include integrative dance workshops designed to let our inner creativity flow, create deeper connection, and confidence within yourself,and dance.

The day will also include empowerment and mindset workshops and a Sound Bath provided by Sam Silvester

Click below to learn more

Image by Jusdevoyage
Fire Dance Show


We offer bespoke empowerment sessions for individuals, small groups and any size teams.


Key empowerment exercises include but are not limited to:


Glasswalks (Ice walks)

Arrow breaks

Re-bar bends

All exercises are provided as part of a minimum of 2-3 hours of mindset preparation and deep empowerment work with a fully qualified, instructor and support team.

Please click the link below to find out more

Hareness the fire within

On 4 December 2022 and 22nd January 2023 we hosted evenings of community, connection and fire walking.

We don't have any more lined up in the diary just yet, but watch this space, or enquire to have your own community walk set up!

When is a community walk for you? 


When you want a gentler, more personalised experience for a group of people you wish to hold community with. The evenings include a relaxed, welcoming session to get to know your fellow walkers. We will offer a guided meditation and supportive , empowerment seminar to prepare you for your walk. At the end of the evening you may choose to walk the coals, Cheer on the other walkers or if the time is not right for you, you may choose to watch and cheer instead. Either way we hope to give you new perspective of what is possible and ignite the fire within again.


4 Dec 2022
Oxford Community Fire walk




Enquire for bespoke retreats

Our one day retreat will allow you to begin the process to becoming present  and councils of how you show up in the world. We will combine coaching tools and techniques to allow deep personal reflection with deep empowerment exercises and short meditation to allow mind and body to truly re-connect

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